Researching a new treatment
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If you have heart failure, you know how this condition affects your quality of life. Simple daily activities like preparing meals, visiting with friends, or even moving from room to room can require major effort and leave you exhausted. An estimated 26 million people suffer from heart failure worldwide, and the number is growing rapidly.

Nearly 75% of heart failure sufferers also have a leaky mitral valve, a condition known as mitral regurgitation (MR). Unfortunately, this further compromises the function of the heart – causing your heart failure to worsen over time.

If you struggle with heart failure symptoms or have been told you have a leaky valve, you may qualify for a new clinical study being offered at select US centers. The study is for the Carillon Mitral Contour System®, an investigational implant designed to reshape the mitral valve and reduce leakage through a non-surgical approach.

About the Carillon System

Heart Failure and Mitral Regurgitation

Heart failure is a condition in which the heart is unable to pump enough blood to the body. The heart tries to compensate by growing larger, causing the mitral valve to stretch. This stretching of the mitral valve results in blood flowing or leaking backwards in the wrong direction. In response, your heart has to work even harder to pump blood, causing heart failure symptoms to worsen over time.

The Carillon Mitral Contour System

The Carillon System is an investigational implant, uniquely designed to treat mitral regurgitation (MR). It is intended for people with heart failure and MR who are not candidates for invasive surgery. The Carillon implant is placed using a non-surgical, catheter-based approach. During the procedure, a catheter is guided to a vein on the outside of the heart that is adjacent to the mitral valve. Once positioned, the Carillon implant is secured and released. The implant is designed to reshape the mitral valve, reduce valve leakage, and thus reduce mitral regurgitation.

The Carillon System is currently being offered at select US treatment centers through a new clinical research study. If you struggle with heart failure or have been told you have a leaky valve, but are not a candidate for open heart surgery, the Carillon System may be right for you.


Frequently Asked Questions
Clinical studies (also called clinical trials) are used to learn about the safety and effectiveness of new medications, medical devices, and medical procedures. Although there are many types of clinical trials, all must conform to strict rules set by local regulatory authorities. These rules help protect the rights and safety of those who volunteer to take part in clinical trials.
Yes, the Carillon implant has been used in multiple international clinical studies, and is available for sale in the European Union. In the US, the Carillon System is currently only available through controlled clinical studies.
If you’re suffering from heart failure symptoms or have been told you have a leaky valve (mitral regurgitation), you might be a candidate for the Carillon Mitral Contour System.
About 450 people will participate in the study at approximately 75 treatment centers throughout the US, Canada, and Europe.
The study is being sponsored by Cardiac Dimensions, Inc. (, a medical device company headquartered in Kirkland, Washington.
To see if you might qualify for the Carillon Clinical Study, and to be referred to a study center in your area, the next step is taking the pre-screening questionnaire. Please click here to get started.

See If You Qualify

To see if you might qualify for the Carillon Clinical Study, and to get connected directly with your local study center to learn more, please take the questionnaire below. The questionnaire should only take 2 minutes to complete.